Fiat celebrates all those dads out there with “The Fatherhood 12″ remix”

Kudos to all dads out there, as today’s the Father’s Day in Spain J

As per paying homage to all of you, I wanted to share a very funny video the guys at Fiat just released to celebrate their family-friendly Fiat 500L.

It’s a funny flashback to the 80s, clearly calling all new romantics that are proud dads at the present being.

Set in the dead of night, The Fatherhood follows a weary dad-of-two trying to get his screaming babies to sleep by driving them around the neighbourhood. As he drives, he starts to sing with brutal honesty and humorous irony about his long-lost youth and he questions how he’s gone from Jack the Lad to Jack the Dad.

The video’s backed by a recent study by Mothercare that has revealed that a growing number of parents are using “alternative” methods to get their kids going to sleep.  Actually, parents in the UK are reportedly driving on average more than 2,000 miles a year for this purpose.

Aimed as a tribute In order to put a touch of humour to these long hours driving, The Fatherhood 12” Remix takes viewers back to the 80s with a catchy tune and a time when New Romantics were young and carefree.  With oh-so-serious poses to camera and dreamy dance sequences, the film takes visual cues from the 80s music videos everyone loves to hate and offer a humorous and edgy insight into the mind of a new dad.

The Fatherhood – it’s a Dad’s life.  You can watch it at




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