National Chocolate Week

Nothing sweetest than chocolate to gather a nation around celebration…The National Chocolate Week is here again, to make everyone’s mouth water and to give this humble blog a pretty good excuse to palate chocotastic plans for this weekend!

Once a year, all the chocolate addicts have a good chance to get out of the closet: The National Chocolate Week.

Despite arriving a little bit late due to the circumstances (we just arrived back home!), we are still on time to try our luck at the cupcake contest to be celebrated in York on the 13th of October.

Today, mates at Fortnum & Mason have prepared a strong combination, just for those passionate about strong amotions: game&chocolate. Under the title of ‘The odd couple: game and chocolate‘, the royal groceries store has teamed up with  Galler Chocolates ( the exquisite Belgian chocolatier) to show how such a combination can be of taste for almost everyone.

If there is a big truth nowadays is that nobody will say no to a freebie. If that comes in the shape of a delicious yet exotic thai truffle...where did you say it is? Venture in Peckam and try the free thai truffles that Melange Chocolate will be sharing on Saturday and Sunday.

Still in London, you cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy a proper Afternoon Tea but designed after this week’s absolute main character: the chocolate. For 20 pounds you can discover a full range of pastries, macarrons, cakes and tarts, courtesy of Rococo Chocolates. 

If the weather doesn’t encourage you to go outside, try any of the wonderfully cool and chocolicious recipes they have collected! I am looking forward to trying the Mexican twist on chocolate dishes!

Finally, if you are lucky enough to live or work around Chesire, they’re are offering hot chocolate for just one pound the whole week. Just ask for the Grosvenor Hotel & Spa and treat yourself to one!!




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