Not paella, neither toros…Expats come to Spain looking for work

Not the weather, neither the food… People move to Spain for professional reasons. Or at least this can be understood from the last recent poll conducted by Expat Forum and sponsored by Barclays Wealth International. The found out that, up to date, employment (29.27%) is the main reason for expats moving to Spain, closely followed by other motives such as the standard of living (19.51%), weather (14.63%), retirement (12.20%) or…romance (12.20%).

Number one in the list of reasons to move to Spain appears to be employment, attracting over 28% of the vote. When you take into account the ongoing problems with the worldwide economy and the European economy particular it may well surprise people to learn that employment in Spain still seems to be “fairly easy”. Whether this interest in employment in Spain is because of European community regulations and internal trade is debatable but whatever the reason there is no doubt that job prospects are seen by many to be better than other areas of Europe and the wider world.

At this point in time, it is interesting to see that the Spanish government is under pressure to introduce significant austerity measures and indeed the debt rating agencies have suggested a possible downgrade of Spanish sovereign debt ratings. This will have a major impact upon the Spanish economy in the short to medium term and many expect Spain, together with the likes of Italy, to struggle. Is this still a valid long-term reason to move?

If you feel curious about the other reasons leading people to move to Spain, you can access the full report here.



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