This week, London celebrates its bespoke cupcakes

One more time, London cupcake lovers and master bakers join efforts to celebrate the last arrival to the national bakery club, the cupcake. During the whole week, the capital will offer the best range of this little delicatessen, full of creativity and sweetness!

There are cupcakes for all tastes: sour, sweet, fusion ones, veggies, fantasy delicates… Once the simple treat of choice for kids’ birthdays, there are now hundred of recipes and variations – some brides have even had wedding cakes made from towers of cupcakes! For lots of cupcake recipe ideas visit the Recipes4us website.

After a tight competition, British bakers will treat you with yummy recipes from September 12th to this coming Sunday, 18th. Find here this year’s winners. I am specially appealed by the Rich Chocolate & Amarula Fluff Cupcakes, brainchild of CocktailCouture-CCTreats

Created by British Baker Magazine, the week celebrates cupcakes of every shape and decoration and hopes to get you and I not just eating cupcakes but baking them too! Last year David Bennett of Sunshine Bakery in Leeds was crowned Cupcake Champion of Great Britain 2010. The winning recipe was a banana and mango cupcake. The launch of the 2011 competition will be in the 17 June 2011 issue of British Baker magazine.

Picture from The Cupcake Blog

If you are about town this week and need some suggestions for nice cupcake tasting, I leave you with my favourite ones. Remember to book in advance, especially if you are going to Beas of Bloomsbury at Holborn, they are always packed!!



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