HR Tips, courtesy of Groupon

Once the summer is officially ended (Mayor of London dixit), it is time to go back to work, literally speaking. Before getting started with your massive CV spreading, it pays to take a look at Groupon´s Human Resources Tips section.As opposed to their average business, they don´t offer any discount on their professional acumen, but give it for free!

Although they have been running this specialized section for a while, what means there plenty of tips and suggestions to get your job hunting boosted, I really wanted to share this one about asking for feedback. Due to my personal experience, I know how hard it can be to get a free yet honest and clarifying overview on your CV or interview. No matter how many versions of your cover letter you submit or how many different ways you come up with to present your CV, the real matter is to get some feedback on how suitable you are for the type of positions you are applying for.


Not aimed to bore you, I´d rather highlight the most useful -to my mind,  bits of this article:

The idea of feedback can be linked back to one of our earlier blogs regarding the significance of self-assessment. Self-assessment is the first step into the right direction. Firstly, review the performance factors of your occupation or the project, then rate your performance against the performance factors according to a previously created scale. This scale may be point-based or include the opportunity to add comments. Lastly, identify development needs.

Self-assessment enables you to exploit a more structured method of decision-making, and provides individuals with a clearer vision of their current situation. Equipped with a better understanding of your progress, it is now important to approach others. Nowadays, many employers stress the importance of this and encourage feedback sessions.



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  1. Juan

    Very interesting point


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