Awaiting for the Three Wise Men or how the Spaniards do the Boxing Day

As my first attempt to offer a glimpse to all those interested in knowing how this little Spaniard bends herself through the British life window, I am following the WordPress challenge to updated ElBombin / The Bowler Hat daily.

Off we go then!

Many of you might not know that today is the most awaited day in Spain, as we celebrate the Three Wise Men arrival or the Adoration of the Jesus Child, for those more versed in the Ancient Texts. On 5 January every year, the evening before Twelfth Night (Epiphany, 6 January) the Thee Kings (or Three Wise Men of the New Testament) pay a visit to all homes in Spain, greeting the children who behaved well during the year with their wished presents, ranging from toys to books or clothing treats.

On the contrary, those who miscarried or didn’t do their best will be presented with nothing more than coal (don panic, in this case we are talking about a sweet one, made of coloured sugar and portraying a coal stone, typically reminding one of the hardest and poorest paid works in Spain: coal miners).

Since we arrived back yesterday, we will celebrate this special occasion here in London. It is a pity as we won’t be able to assist to none ‘Cabalgata de Reyes’ or ‘Three Wise Men Parade’ as the day for exchanging presents here in the UK is Boxing Day, alas last 26th of December, when we were happily celebrating Christmas in Madrid….However and taking into account that we both really were good in 2010, I have a telex confirming that Their Majesties will pay us a visit tonight!!! We already have the Christmas Tree ready, as well the water for their camels (don forget they come from the Far East for the adoration of Jesus and just make a little technical stop at home) and some refreshments for themselves (turrón brought from Alicante al Xerez, from the homonyms city).

Let’s see how good we were!!! Ah! Don forget to place one shoe or shock for each inhabitant, as for the more celebrated in Britain Santa Klaus…all of them are oldies who need a little remind to not confuse the presents!!



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3 Respuestas a “Awaiting for the Three Wise Men or how the Spaniards do the Boxing Day

  1. This is why, we Spaniard are better than the rest of the world, in at least one thing; instead of waiting a fat guy falling from a chimney to bring our presents, we have three kings to chose between, and a little longer Christmas holidays´break on top!

  2. Jose fernando González Romano

    January 6
    EPIPHANY, which in the original Greek signifies appearance or manifestation, is a festival principally solemnised in honour of the discovery Jesus Christ made of himself to the Magi, or wise men, traditionally known as the “Three Holy Kings”; who, soon after his birth, by the guidance of the star, into Jerusalem came to adore the Infant Jesus in Bethlehem and bring him presents: gold, frankincense, and myrrh; which, accordingly to tradition signified: the gold that He was the King of Kings, the aromatic frankincense represented His Divinity, and the bitter myrrh bore testimony to the terrible sufferings which the Child would suffer in His human nature for the Redemption of mankind.
    The festival has a street parade, where the three kings distribute Christmas gifts and candies. Kids have a great time at this event as all of them eagerly wait for their presents which are attributed to the Three Wise Men.
    Finally, on January the 6th, we traditionally eat the roscón de reyes (kings’ ring), a pastry which generally has an oval shape and it’s decorated with fig fruit, quinces, cherries or dried and candied fruits.

  3. Octavio Giraldos

    For all those who do not believe in the three Wise Men, just let them know that they were visiting us yesterday night, anybody saw them nor heard them but they were here, they surely have a little rest on their “black friday” as all the snacks prepared for the camels an their Majesties went gone, and a bunch of coloured boxes with tons of illusions appeared magically near the led-failing unlighted Christmas tree.

    So if you haven’t receive this visit, remember to be a good guy all the year long, believe in them and finally follow this blog instructions to prepare their next year visit.

    Willing to hear from new visits over the UK next year, let us wish you a very happy and pleasant 2011.

    Tavi & crew


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