Why is BAA frightening away their customers?

This question came immediately to my head when I first saw the sparkling quantity at the parking machine´s screen. 4.30 it read. Yes, this the ‘affordable’ price of 32 minutes of short stays parking at Heathrow Airport.

It should be beard in mind that it´s required to use this service most of times you want yo drop someone off at the departures terminals. Even if you see a tricky sign above your lane stating ‘Passengers Drop Off’ don´t follow it!! It´ll irremediably lead you to this supposed to be cheap and convenient parking. 

Let´s talk about the convenience…

First you have to manage to find a place among those invisible but highly (neonized, even) located free ones.  Of course, the fist floor is always busy, so you have to keep on climbing up, normally until de 5th level. Once there, you can find that there are not any of those chased free places, so you have to descend again, spending a lot of time until you become luckier and find a spot at the very end (from the airport entrance, obviously) of the parking area.

In the aftermath…10minute walking from the nearest departures desk, crossing 2 roads and fighting with scores of bewildered people threatening you with be almost running over your feet with heavy trolleys and heavier suitcases it´s not exactly what I´d could convenient. Especially after discovering their bargain prices…

So, just a piece of advice from this humble user of your beloved airport, dear friends from BAA…If you want to keep your already decreasing number of passengers, perhaps it´d be better for you to leverage your tariffs to the ongoing financial situation and stop building up more parkings, at least until they really worth it.



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