Gucci, caught by the Pop Up store fever

Nor the International Book Day, neither the English national patron saint, Gucci prefers to cherish its loyal fans.

And…is there any better to celebrate the day of England than making its capital the first venue for the Italian luxury house to open its temporary and exclusive shoe-room?

The Italian label has been the last one to fall in love with the last retail trend. Although this is not a new fashion, since the first Pop Up store was discovered in 2003 in New York, the recession, alongside with the hunger for new ideas to help the economy boosting are spoiling this suddenly-turning- out- and- as-suddenly-disappear shopping venues or blue-chip label flag stores.

Gucci Icon Temporary is offering for a brief while the house’s 17-piece limited edition sneaker collection, which is currently jet-setting its way around the globe. Guys, you’re the spoiled ones this time, as the most of the collection -15 designs out of total- are just for you.

If you want to be part of the exclusive bunch of owners and be the coveted one at the gym or rocking down London don´t miss the chance and go for a sneak peek at 37 Earlham Street , in Covent Garden. It would just last for three weeks so…run, baby, run!



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