Ashes from Iceland

The whole British air space has been closed due to a grayish threat coming from the very fringe of Europe. Yet being the nearest case, is not the only, as at least 4.000 flights from all over the Old Continent have been canceled or delayed.

The unpronounceable name (Eyjafjallajökull) culprit of this modern Pompeii was a volcano hidden beneath a thick layer of ice which eruption has not only abruptly disrupt the dream of the 700 nearest inhabitants, but also caused no few worries to the responsible of Eurocontrol, the European Agency in charge of the air traffic.

 Early this morning I had some news from friends that have been caught amid the cinders. After discussing the paradox of being covered by ashes originated at the country of ice, we have discovered that at least four out five people taking part in the conversation had a sibling passing through similar situation. Thus, different names and airports, but the same reason to blame in Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norwey, Belgium, France and Poland.

And it is precisely once reached that point when I started to wonder. Who is the one to put shame on? Should we bitch the climate change or the globalization? As a matter of fact, the European Union or even the Common Market can also make a good target, as they have been tying the not with the Scandinavian forgotten one for a long time. Shame on the Iceland Cabinet, that didn’t find a better time to propose the EU than the very mist of the recession.

If I were the Iceland prime minister – another unpronounceable name here -I would start to think what can be made to avoid the image of the country as the European bad omen. Perhaps going too far, somebody might highlight the resemblance between this eruption and the economic one, since it can’t be forgotten that it was Iceland the country which had the dubious honor to pass throughout History as the first market economy collapsing in the first twenty first century credit crunch.

For further references, ask Brian Flynn. The ultimate responsible of Eurocontrol could have be seen as an aerial Jean Claude Trichet when, as my friends, early this morning, get concisely to the point: “The reach of this unexpected inconvenience is greater than everything we encountered before in Europe”.



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